The Yarning Circle

The Yarning Circle was a relaxed and welcoming space at the conference venue during WICC 2016 where participants listened to others and shared stories.

The Yarning Circle connected people, and the stories told will provide inspiration as we continue to discuss cancer survival, cancer care and screening services, health and wellbeing programs, cancer research and education programs for Indigenous people internationally.


WICC Day 02_074.jpg

The Yarning Circle was a popular space during the conference, situated in a central area. Each day, elders from many lands would arrive early and take their places on the seats around the circle.

WICC Day 02_074.jpg

A variety of services and organisations used the Yarning Circle to talk about their work. The less formal setting made it easier for participants to ask questions and start discussions about work being done.

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You can download a copy of the Yarning Circle Program here.


Yarning Circle Gallery

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